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Daklapack's green mission

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DaklaPack wants its business partners to make a difference with talented and motivated employees. We are the market leader in innovative packaging and shipping materials. We offer unique sustainable solutions for shipping, packaging and filling.

Our mission contributes to the circular economy. In line with the vision of the European Commission and the Dutch government. For the development of our packaging we have drawn up 3 spearheads.



Making packaging recyclable

We work towards packaging that is mechanically, chemically and/or organically recyclable and use recycled content where possible.

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Use of biobased and biodegradable raw materials

We are reducing the use of virgin fossil raw materials and working towards packaging made from renewable raw materials.

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Smarter use and reduction of packaging materials and packaging components

Together with our customers, we are developing new circular packaging concepts.

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Eco Label

In order to make it easier to opt for responsible packaging, we have developed an Eco Label. This Eco Label indicates by means of a green or grey icon in the webshop whether an item of packaging is (more) environmentally friendly or not.

We assess whether a product is environmentally friendly (green label) on the basis of four characteristics;

  • Biobased
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
  • Recycled content

A description of these properties is provided here.

Eco Label Groen Bio-Based
Eco Label Groen Composteerbaar
Eco Label Groen Recyclebaar
Eco Label Groen Recyclebare content

Green Eco Label

A green icon indicates that the product is (more) environmentally friendly.

1 icon

The product meets at least one of the following characteristics; biobased, compostable, recyclable or consists of recycled content.

2 icons

The product meets at least 2 of the 4 following characteristics; biobased, compostable, recyclable and/or consists of recycled content.

3 icons

The product meets at least 3 of the 4 following characteristics; the product is biobased, compostable, recyclable and/or consists of recycled content.

4 icons

The product meets all the characteristics; the product is biobased, compostable, recyclable and/or consists of recycled content.

Eco Label Grijs

Grey Eco Label

A grey icon indicates that the product is not biobased, compostable, recyclable or does not consist of recycled content.

Ask our specialist if there is an alternative available. The product can still be responsible because an alternative made of other materials such as glass, tin or cardboard can have a greater environmental impact.

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Why Plastic



The term biobased refers to the origin of the material. This refers to materials made from renewable raw materials. Examples of renewable raw materials are: wood, corn, sugar beet, potato, sugar cane. Our products can be fully or partially biobased.




The materials in this packaging can be broken down by microorganisms in industrial composting plants. The packaging is therefore certified in accordance with the European standards for composting (EN 13432).




This packaging can be recycled to serve as a raw material for new applications.

Geryclede content

Recycled content


The raw material of this packaging consists entirely or partly of recycled content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bioplastic?

  • We use the same definition for a bioplastic as the one used by European Bioplastics: a plastic material is called a bioplastic if it is biobased, biodegradable or has both properties.

    When is a material biobased?

  • According to the European standard EN16575, biobased plastics are defined as plastics that are wholly or partly made from renewable raw materials.

    What does the term renewable mean?

  • Material composed of biomass from a living source that can be continuously renewed. Renewable raw materials are (almost) inexhaustible raw materials, which can be replenished in a short period of time. In any case, this stock must be renewed as quickly as it was consumed (such as wood, hemp, cotton, rice).

    Is the packaging really compostable?

  • When we talk about compostable packaging, we refer to those materials/products that comply with the European standard for industrial composting: EN 13432. This means that the materials/products in industrial composting plants break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. These packaging items can be recognised by the germination seed logo which is printed on the packaging.

    Are bioplastics recyclable?

  • Bioplastics such as bio-PE and bio-PET are identical in terms of recycling to the fossil plastics PE and PET. This means that these bioplastics can also be easily recycled using the existing recycling methods for PE and PET.

    Will the use of bioplastics put an end to plastic soup?

  • No, the use of bioplastics will not reduce the amount of plastic soup.

    Questions? Ask our specialist


    If you have any questions about implementing a more environmentally friendly alternative in your situation, please contact our specialist Aart Burgers.

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