To Tailor Made

Laminated Packaging

At DaklaPack, we're experts in creating high-barrier, flexible packaging using both plastic and paper materials. Whether it's for food, sports nutrition, pharmaceuticals, agricultural goods, chemicals, solvents, or paints, our packaging solutions are tailored to meet your needs. We proudly stock an extensive range of ready-made pouches, readily available off the shelf starting from as few as 100 pieces per size!

Leaders in innovation

We're not just manufacturers and distributors – we're innovators, too. We approach flexible packaging solutions from unique angles, always thinking outside the box to solve your packaging challenges. Our expert in-house production and innovation department is adept at turning problems into solutions, guiding you seamlessly from concept to full-scale, automated production.

At DaklaPack, we transform packaging obstacles into smooth-sailing solutions. Backed by our near 50 years of expertise in plastic packaging, we utilize sustainable materials, recyclable foils, high-barrier, non-permeable, multi-layer laminates and pair them with innovative dispensing solutions.


DaklaPack is your partner in creating smart, sustainable packaging solutions.

We are pioneers in the field of packaging – DaklaPack is on the forefront of the market with mono materials. We craft traditional stand-up pouches and DOYPACKS from just a single type of raw material. This breakthrough provides reliable solutions allowing consumers to deposit monopolymer packaging directly into recognized recycling streams.

In our commitment to a circular economy, we continually advise on possibilities to switch from traditional multi-layer to mono-material solutions where feasible.

We strive to be a one-stop solution, taking pride in our independence from third parties during the production process. We handle everything – from extrusion, printing, lamination, to conversion. Finally, our sophisticated automated machinery, paired with unique dispensing solutions, allows us to create flexible packaging solutions to replace bulky, rigid containers, pots, and bottles.

In short, DaklaPack is your partner in creating smart, sustainable packaging solutions.