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Wine pouch

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Introducing DaklaPack's premium range of Wine Pouches, crafted meticulously to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the wine, spirits, and cocktail industry. Recognizing the growing preference for flexible and sustainable packaging solutions, we've ventured beyond traditional wine bottling to offer innovative Wine Pouches that guarantee optimal freshness and taste retention. Not only do these pouches ensure a smaller carbon footprint, but they also offer immense convenience. Each of our pouches is equipped with a user-friendly dispenser, ensuring a smooth pour every time. Moreover, for enhanced security and assurance of product integrity, we've incorporated a tamper-proof jacket. Perfect for brands aiming for a modern twist to their packaging while emphasizing sustainability, DaklaPack's Wine Pouches are available for wholesale orders starting from as few as 100 pieces per size. Make the switch today and let your wine stand out with our superior packaging solutions.

Enhance your wine packaging with DaklaPack's flexible solutions

With DaklaPack's flexible packaging solutions, wine producers and consumers can benefit from lower shipping costs, extended shelf life, convenience, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, innovative design options, and reduced breakages. Embrace the advantages of flexible packaging and revolutionize your wine packaging experience.

Contact us today at (201) 630-6480 or email us at to explore our range of flexible packaging options tailored to the wine industry.

What types and sizes of wine pouches do you offer for wholesale purchase?

We currently offer 2 standard sizes of Wine Pouches, a 50.72 fl. oz. wine pouch and a 101.44 fl. oz. wine pouch, both in metalized film. But as we are a wine pouch manufacturer we can offer custom solutions to fit your product packaging needs. Email us at or call us at 201 630-6460 to discuss your order needs with one of our representatives.


Can the wine pouches be customized with my brand's logo and design?

Yes, we offer custom options to fit your specific product needs. 


What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale wine pouches?

For our stock items our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. We also offer a free sample for you to be able to see the product before placing an order. Please note that free samples are for the standard bags. 


How do wine pouches preserve the quality and flavor of the wine compared to traditional wine bottles?

Wine pouches and glass wine bottles both offer distinct advantages for packaging and storing wine, but wine pouches have been gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Here are some benefits of wine pouches compared to glass wine bottles:

Reduced Breakage: Wine pouches are less susceptible to breakage compared to glass bottles, reducing the risk of loss during transportation and handling.

Lightweight: Wine pouches are significantly lighter than glass bottles, which can lead to reduced shipping costs and easier portability for consumers.

Optimal Storage: Many wine pouches come with spouts or taps, which allow consumers to pour wine without letting in any air. This helps in preserving the wine's quality over time, even after the pouch has been opened.

Space Efficiency: Pouches can be more space-efficient in storage and transport compared to round bottles. They can be stacked closely together, maximizing storage space.

Eco-friendliness: Wine pouches often have a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles due to lighter transportation weights and reduced energy in production.

UV Protection: Our wine pouches are designed with UV-resistant materials to protect the wine from harmful light exposure, which can degrade its quality.

Versatility in Size: Wine pouches can be designed in various sizes, including single-serve options, which may not be as feasible with glass bottles.

Reduced Cork Taint Risks: Since pouches use spouts or screw caps, the risk of cork taint—a musty off-flavor in wine caused by a compound called TCA—is eliminated.

Cost-Effective: Manufacturing wine pouches can be more cost-effective than producing glass bottles. This could lead to savings for both producers and consumers.

Ideal for Casual Settings: Wine pouches are perfect for picnics, festivals, or other outdoor activities where glass might not be ideal or allowed.

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