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Medical packaging and Transport solutions

Medical shipping packages and products for sending diagnostic samples have very specific requirements. DaklaPack provides a specialized product range that fully complies with international regulations and postal regulations.


With offices in the US, Europe and Asia, DaklaPack’s unique solutions offer a specialized range of medical packaging and specimen shipping solutions. Our products meet US and international regulations, such as DOT and IATA requirements.

DaklaPack’s products focus on the safety, ease of use, and reliability. Our UN3373 95 kPa bags and other quality products are user-friendly, sustainable and competitively priced.

In addition to our standard product range in medical packaging, DaklaPack also creates custom medical packaging solutions. Options include custom artworkdesigns, materials, closures, as well as creating unique sample collection kits for distribution.

Let us help you find the right packaging for your specific needs.

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