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Eco label


  • Designed for recycling (plastic)
  • Not recyclable



  • Transparent

Internal format


  • 7.01 inch x 1.54 inch x 1.54 inch



  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene



  • Completely transparent

Dental packaging

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Elevate your dental practice's efficiency and safety with our Dental Packaging and Transport solutions. Our premier product, the Dental Carrier, stands out as the ultimate Transport Blister for dental technology, expertly designed to cater to the specific needs of dental professionals. Each carrier is crafted from durable polypropylene, featuring a hinged top and bottom with a secure flap fastener for easy access and optimal protection. The compartmentalized interior is perfectly sized to accommodate a wide array of dental workpieces, including crown and bridge work, jaw imprints, models for false teeth, and various accessories. This innovative design not only significantly reduces the risk of breakage, damage, or loss but also ensures that each piece is clearly visible, readily accessible, and effortlessly organized per patient, streamlining storage and enhancing practice efficiency.

Additionally, our membrane box offers a solution for the safe transportation of diverse dental materials, ensuring they remain precisely positioned throughout transit. The integral foil within the box guarantees that contents stay exactly in place, providing both visibility and stability for delicate items. Suitable for use alongside our Dental Carriers this combination delivers an unparalleled level of protection and convenience for dental practices. Whether transporting dental materials between locations or simply organizing them within your practice, our dental packaging and transport supplies provide the reliability, visibility, and ease of use that dental professionals demand. Invest in our dental carriers and membrane boxes to safeguard your valuable dental workpieces and streamline your operations.



What makes the dental carrier an ideal solution for dental technology transport?

The Dental Carrier stands out as an ideal transport solution for dental technology due to its design and material choice. Crafted from durable polypropylene, it features a hinged top and bottom secured with a flap fastener, ensuring the safety and accessibility of dental workpieces. Its compartmentalization is strategically designed to categorize each patient's workpieces, such as crown and bridge work, jaw imprints, and models for false teeth, making them clearly visible, easily accessible, and ready for storage. This organization significantly reduces the risk of breakage, damage, or loss, making the dental carrier a reliable choice for dental professionals seeking efficient and safe transport options.


How does the design of the dental carrier prevent damage and loss of dental workpieces?

The design of the dental carrier is specifically engineered to prevent damage and loss of dental workpieces. Its robust polypropylene construction, coupled with a hinged top and bottom secured by a flap fastener, provides a sturdy and secure environment for dental items. The carrier's internal compartmentalization ensures that each piece is neatly organized and separated. This reduces the risk of items colliding or being misplaced. Additionally, the clear categorization per patient enhances the visibility and accessibility of each workpiece, further minimizing the chances of damage or loss during transport or storage.


Can the dental carrier accommodate various sizes of dental workpieces, such as crowns, bridges, and jaw imprints?

Yes, the dental carrier is designed to accommodate a wide range of dental workpieces, including crowns, bridges, jaw imprints, models for false teeth, and various accessories. Its compartmentalization ensures that as many different types of workpieces as possible can be securely stored and transported. This versatility allows dental professionals to use the dental carrier for multiple applications, ensuring that even varied sizes of dental materials can be safely and efficiently managed.


Are the dental carriers and membrane boxes designed for safe transport within travel boxes?

Indeed, both the dental carriers and the membrane boxes are designed with safe transport in mind. The external format of the dental carrier is specifically tailored to fit securely in these travel boxes, ensuring stable and safe transportation of dental workpieces. Similarly, the membrane box, with its foil interior, guarantees that the contents remain precisely in place, offering an additional layer of protection and stability for various dental materials during transit.


How does the membrane box ensure the stability and visibility of dental materials during transport?

The membrane box ensures the stability and visibility of dental materials during transport through its innovative design. The inclusion of a foil within the box is crucial for keeping the contents securely in their intended position, preventing movement and potential damage. This stability is complemented by the box's transparent design, which allows for easy visibility of the contents, enabling dental professionals to quickly identify and access the materials they need. This combination of features makes the membrane box an effective solution for transporting a variety of dental materials safely and efficiently.

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