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Needle containers

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Ensure the safety and efficiency of your healthcare facility's waste management with our DaklaPack-Safeboxrange of Needle Disposal Bins. Crafted from environmentally friendly Polypropylene, these containers feature an extra thick wall design to prevent needle penetration. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the workflow of laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Our sharps bins come with a user-friendly handle for easy opening and closing, alongside a universal needle release for added convenience. The thoughtful design includes an extra opening for small waste and a visible filling line to indicate maximum capacity, ensuring safe disposal practices. Fully autoclavable and stackable, whether empty or full, these bins are equipped with handles for effortless and safe transport, making them an essential addition to any medical environment.

Our sharps disposal bins not only prioritize safety and functionality but also comply with the highest standards of environmental and regulatory approval, including UN and ADR certifications, and adhere to ISO 23907 worldwide standards. Their versatility is enhanced by the option for wall, table, and post mounting, with systems available upon request, catering to the unique needs of your facility. Opt for our DaklaPack-Safebox range, made from sustainable Polypropylene, to ensure your facility remains a safe and efficient place for both healthcare professionals and patients.



What sizes of needle disposal sharps bins are available?

The DaklaPack-Safebox range offers sharps bins in various sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. This versatility ensures that whether you need a compact bin for a small clinic or larger containers for a busy hospital, there's a size that fits your specific waste disposal requirements. Each bin is designed for maximum efficiency and safety, with clear labeling, including a visible filling line to indicate the maximum filling level, ensuring proper usage and disposal practices.


Are your sharps containers puncture-resistant?

Yes, our DaklaPack-Safebox range of needle disposal bins is specifically engineered with puncture-resistant features. This is due to their extra thick wall construction made of environmentally friendly Polypropylene. This design is crucial for preventing needle penetration, thereby ensuring the safety of healthcare workers and anyone handling the bins. The robust construction of our sharps containers provides an added layer of protection against potential injuries and contaminations.


Can the sharps bins be used for both needles and syringes?

Absolutely. The DaklaPack-Safebox sharps containers are equipped with a universal needle release and a lid that has an extra opening for small waste, making them suitable for disposing of both needles and syringes efficiently and safely. This feature ensures that our sharps bins can cater to the disposal needs of various medical instruments and supplies, providing a versatile solution for healthcare facilities of all types.


How do I properly dispose of a full needle disposal sharps bin?

Once a needle disposal sharps bin reaches the visible filling line indicating it's at maximum capacity, it should be locked permanently using the lid's locking mechanism. This ensures that the contents are securely contained. The full bin should then be handled according to your healthcare facility's waste management protocols. This typically involves arranging for collection by a licensed medical waste disposal service. Our containers are designed to be fully autoclavable and are UN and ADR-approved, ensuring they meet the regulatory standards for medical waste disposal.


Are the needle disposal sharps containers compliant with healthcare regulations?

Yes, our needle disposal containers meet the ISO 23907 worldwide standard for sharps injury protection, ensuring they adhere to the highest safety and quality benchmarks. This compliance provides peace of mind to healthcare facilities that they are meeting regulatory requirements while protecting their staff and patients.


Do your Needle Disposal Sharps Bins come with tamper-proof features?

Indeed, the Daklapack-Safebox range includes sharps bins with tamper-proof features for added security. The lids of our containers can be temporarily or permanently locked, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring that the contents cannot be tampered with once sealed. This safety feature is critical for maintaining a secure environment within healthcare settings.


Can I order needle disposal bins in bulk for my healthcare facility?

Certainly. We understand the demands of healthcare facilities for consistent and reliable access to essential supplies like sharps bins. That's why we offer the option to order our containers in bulk, ensuring that you have the necessary equipment on hand to maintain safety and compliance with waste disposal standards. Our bins can be stacked when empty or full, simplifying storage and transport logistics within your facility.


What safety features do your needle disposal sharps bins include to protect healthcare workers?

Our needle containers are designed with several safety features to protect healthcare workers. These include puncture-resistant walls, tamper-proof locking lids, and a universal needle release mechanism. Additionally, the containers are equipped with handles for safe and easy transport. Designed for wall, table, and post mounting, our bins ensure that disposal points are accessible and secure to minimize the risk of sharps injuries in the workplace. The clear visibility of the maximum filling line also prevents overfilling, further enhancing safety.

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