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Shop temperature-sensitive storage and transport of biological substances with our innovative Tempshell products. Recognizing the critical need for maintaining precise temperatures, our Tempshell elements and Tempshell frames provide a flexible and reliable solution tailored to your specific requirements. These cutting-edge Tempshell solutions are expertly designed for use in our BlueLine transport bags, ensuring your valuable substances are kept at the optimal temperature throughout their journey. Whether it’s for medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, or any other temperature-sensitive materials, our Tempshell technology guarantees the integrity and quality of your products. It is an indispensable product for healthcare and research professionals seeking the best in temperature control solutions.

Elevate the safety and efficiency of transporting biological substances with our Tempshell elements and Tempshell frames for precise temperature maintenance. Engineered for versatility and performance, these Tempshell solutions seamlessly integrate with our SilverBags and BlueLine boxes. They offer unparalleled temperature stability for a wide range of applications. Ideal for the medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries, where the accurate transport of temperature-sensitive items is non-negotiable. Invest in Tempshell for your storage and transport needs and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical substances are protected by the best in temperature control technology.

The temperature levels of the phase-change material (PCM) packs are: -30°C, -21°C, -18°C, 39.2°F, +22°C and +37°C.



What are Tempshells used for in medical packaging?

Tempshells are specifically designed for the secure storage and transport of biological substances that require specific temperature conditions. They provide a highly flexible and reliable solution to ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive medical and biological materials. By stabilizing temperatures during storage or transit, Tempshells play a crucial role in preserving the viability and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, clinical samples, and other sensitive biological substances.


Can Tempshells maintain specific temperatures for the transport of sensitive biological substances?

Yes, Tempshells are engineered to maintain specific temperatures critical for the safe transport of sensitive biological substances. They are available in configurations designed to preserve various temperature levels, including -30°C, -21°C, -18°C, +4°C, +22°C, and +37°C. This is achieved by using phase-change material (PCM). This range of temperature options ensures that whether the need is to keep substances frozen, refrigerated, or at controlled room temperatures, Tempshells offer a precise and dependable solution to meet the exact requirements of temperature-sensitive medical transports.


How do Tempshell elements differ from Tempshell frames in their application?

Tempshell elements and Tempshell frames are complementary components designed to offer versatility and efficiency in temperature-controlled packaging. Tempshell elements refer to the specific temperature-maintaining PCM packs that are placed within the packaging to create the desired thermal environment. Tempshell frames, on the other hand, serve as the structural component that houses these elements, providing additional insulation and protection. When used together in specially developed BlueLine transport bags, they ensure optimal temperature maintenance and physical security for transported substances.


Are Tempshells compatible with all types of medical packaging, such as BlueLine transport bags?

Tempshells are primarily designed to be used with specially developed BlueLine transport, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal temperature control. These specific packaging solutions are tailored to accommodate Tempshell elements and frames, creating an integrated system for maintaining the required temperatures for biological substances. The flexible nature of Tempshell technology may allow for adaptation to other types of medical packaging, depending on the specific requirements. However, these PCM packs can be used in any insulated bag or box that fits.


What temperature ranges can Tempshells accommodate for the safe transport of medical substances?

Tempshells can accommodate a wide range of temperature levels to ensure the safe transport of medical substances, including -30°C, -21°C, -18°C, +4°C, +22°C, and +37°C. This versatility in PCM-packs makes them suitable for a variety of medical and biological materials, from those needing deep freeze conditions to those requiring body temperature conditions. Such a comprehensive range of temperature options provides the flexibility needed to meet the strictest standards for temperature-sensitive medical transports.


How long can Tempshells maintain a set temperature during transit?

The duration that the Tempshells PCM packs can maintain a set temperature during transit depends on several factors, including the external environmental conditions, the initial preparation of the Tempshell elements, and the specific temperature requirements of the contents. However, Tempshells are designed with advanced insulation and temperature control technologies to ensure that the required temperatures are maintained for the duration necessary to safely deliver biological substances to their destination without compromising their integrity.


Are there customizable Tempshell options available for specific medical packaging needs?

While Tempshells are offered in standard configurations to meet common temperature levels for medical transports, there are customizable options available to cater to specific medical packaging needs. Customization can involve adjusting the size, shape, and temperature capabilities of Tempshell elements and frames to suit unique requirements, ensuring that even the most specialized biological substances can be transported safely and efficiently.


How do I determine the right Tempshell configuration for my medical transport requirements?

Determining the right Tempshell configuration for your medical transport requirements involves considering the specific temperature needs of the substances being transported, the duration of transit, and the environmental conditions expected during transport. It's important to select a Tempshell configuration that matches the required temperature level (-30°C, -21°C, -18°C, +4°C, +22°C, or +37°C) and to ensure that the chosen transport bags are appropriately sized to house the Tempshell elements and frames. Consulting with a Tempshell expert can provide guidance on the optimal configuration for your specific needs, ensuring effective temperature maintenance throughout transit.

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