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Sustainable packaging

At DaklaPack, we strive to do our part to address sustainability issues through our products and business practices. Providing innovative, sustainable packaging is DaklaPack's core expertise, which is why we use these skills and knowledge to lay the foundation of our sustainability program. Our products are constantly evolving to incorporate the latest innovations in the sustainable packaging sector. We aim to provide sustainable solutions for all our customers' packaging needs. Here, we focus on developing a holistic product range focused on recyclable, mono-material solutions, the use of recycled materials (PCR), bio-drop in solutions such as bio-PE, the use of (industrial) compostable materials such as PLA, and alternative sustainable packaging materials such as paper.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At DaklaPack, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on sustainability through both our products and business practices.

Our Products: sustainable solutions

We prioritize the development of eco-friendly packaging solutions that minimize our environmental footprint. By utilizing sustainable materials and implementing efficient manufacturing processes, we offer products that meet the highest standards of sustainability.

Our Journey: paving the way to a sustainable future

We are constantly striving for improvement on our sustainability journey. We actively collaborate with partners, customers, and industry experts to exchange knowledge and identify innovative ways to enhance our sustainable practices.

Transparency is an integral part of our sustainability approach. We are committed to providing clear and concise information about our sustainable initiatives, practices, and the environmental impact of our products. By holding ourselves accountable, we ensure that our actions align with our sustainability goals.


Choosing the most environmentally friendly packaging material

Determining the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging material is a complex matter. For instance, the prevalent shift from plastic to paper bags may not always be the best solution. Paper bags require more material to achieve the same strength as plastic, raising concerns about deforestation for paper production. On the other hand, using plastic that eventually ends up in the ocean exacerbates environmental issues.

To evaluate the environmental friendliness of packaging material, it is crucial to consider its production process. Not all plastics or papers are equal in terms of sustainability. At DaklaPack, we specialize in compostable bags and biodegradable packaging, and we understand the intricacies involved in choosing the right material for specific products.


Partner with DaklaPack for sustainable packaging solutions

If you want to contribute to a more sustainable world through your company, DaklaPack is your go-to partner. As a wholesaler of sustainable packaging, we offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly materials, including bags, pouches, envelopes, blister packs, and more. Contact us at (201) 630-6480 or via email at for expert advice on the best options for your business. We are dedicated to providing you with the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.