Are you searching for organic packaging to enhance your sustainability efforts? Look no further than DaklaPack's bio-based packaging solutions. Our bio-based packaging is made from renewable resources, offering a range of options such as bio-PE derived from sugarcane (bio-drop in plastic) or packaging made from corn (PLA - industrially compostable packaging). Make the switch to DaklaPack's sustainable packaging solutions!

A sustainable future

DaklaPack's bio-based products feature a specific eco-label. Products with the eco-label for bio-based plastic can be classified into two categories based on how they should be disposed of:

  1. Drop-in bio-based plastics (e.g., bio-PE, bio-PP): These are made from plants but have the same properties as traditional plastics like PE and PP. These products are not only bio-based, they can also be recycled in the regular recycle stream (see "designed for recycling" for more information). These products are not compostable.
  2. Industrially compostable bio-based plastics (e.g., PLA): These plastics can be converted into nutrient-rich compost under certain conditions. However, they cannot be recycled as part of the plastic waste stream.

Bio-based packaging

Our bio-based packaging is a valuable addition to your sustainability goals. If you have any questions or require advice regarding our packaging, please feel free to contact us.

In addition to bio-based packaging, DaklaPack also provides recyclable paper packaging, recyclable plastic packaging, industrially compostable packaging, and packaging made from recycled materials.

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