To Tailor Made

Eco label


  • Designed for recycling (plastic)
  • Not recyclable



  • Blue
  • Transparent
  • White
  • Yellow

Internal format


  • 0.43 inch x 3.15 inch
  • 0.79 inch x 3.15 inch



  • Polypropylene
  • PP
  • PVC



  • Completely transparent
  • Non transparent



  • Lid

Tubes and containers

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Shop DaklaPack's comprehensive selection of medical tubes and containers, designed specifically for the secure transportation of biological materials for medical purposes. Our premium range includes solutions suitable for transporting feces, urine, and other bodily fluids, ensuring the integrity and safety of specimens from collection to analysis. With the option to pre-fill containers and tubes with preservatives, we offer an added layer of convenience and reliability for medical professionals. Our webshop showcases a variety of medical shipping solutions tailored to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare and laboratory settings.

Among our innovative medical packaging products, the Fecotainers stand out for their specialized design in the collection and transportation of feces samples. These containers embody DaklaPack's commitment to advancing medical shipping solutions, providing a hygienic, secure, and effective method for fecal specimen transport. Each product in our extensive line of medical tubes and containers is crafted with the utmost attention to quality, safety, and compliance with medical standards. Whether you're transporting critical specimens or storing samples for future analysis, DaklaPack's medical shipping solutions offer the reliability and precision required in the medical field.



What types of biological materials can be transported using DaklaPack's medical tubes and containers?

DaklaPack's medical tubes and containers are expertly designed for the safe and efficient transportation of various biological materials for medical purposes. These versatile containers are ideal for carrying feces, urine, and other bodily fluids, ensuring that samples remain intact and uncontaminated throughout their journey. With a focus on reliability and compliance with medical standards, DaklaPack offers solutions that healthcare professionals can trust for their specimen transport needs.


Are DaklaPack's containers and tubes pre-filled with any preservatives for specimen preservation?

Yes, DaklaPack offers the option to pre-fill containers and tubes with preservatives, to ensure the long-term preservation of biological specimens. This added feature is part of our commitment to providing comprehensive medical shipping solutions that cater to the specific needs of healthcare professionals.


Can DaklaPack's medical tubes and containers be used for urine and feces transportation specifically?

Absolutely, DaklaPack's medical tubes and containers are specifically designed to accommodate the transportation of urine and feces, among other bodily fluids. These containers ensure a hygienic and secure method for transporting such specimens, making them a reliable choice for medical and laboratory settings where the safe handling of biological materials is paramount.


What makes Fecotainers by DaklaPack unique for feces transportation?

Fecotainers by DaklaPack stand out for their innovative design tailored specifically for the transportation of feces. These containers provide a hygienic, secure, and efficient solution for fecal specimen transport, distinguishing them in the market for their specialized functionality. With Fecotainers, healthcare providers can rely on a product designed with the unique requirements of feces transportation in mind, ensuring specimens are handled with the utmost care.


Where can I explore the full range of DaklaPack's medical shipping solutions for tubes and containers?

You can explore the full range of DaklaPack's medical shipping solutions, including our diverse selection of tubes and containers for biological materials, by visiting our webshop. Take your time to browse through our extensive offerings, where you'll find everything from innovative Fecotainers for feces transportation to tubes pre-filled with preservatives. Our webshop is your one-stop destination for all medical packaging and transport needs, offering solutions that blend quality, reliability, and innovation.

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